Quebradillas... La Guarida del Pirata (The Pirate's Hideout.)

Called "La Guarida del Pirata" (The Pirate's Hideout) in the old days before Quebradillas  was a town this place was known to be a hideout for Pirates.  Quebradillas was founded in 1823 by Don Felipe Ruiz, the town got its name due to the large amount of streams in the town, in other words Quebradillas means, Town of Streams.  The town is about 23.0 square miles, population is about 22,014 persons.  

Northwest of Quebradillas lies beautiful Guajataca Beach, with its white sands, wild and deep waters. Perfect for sunning and collecting shells. You can also visit Lake Guajataca, another beautifull spot. This man-made lake (2.5 mi/4 km long) is a lovely place for hiking, camping and fishing.  A interesting place to view the lake from is from the establishment "Vista del Lago", where they have a beautiful view of the lake,  you may refresh your self there in this open air establishment along the shore in the shade.  They also have live music on the weekends for dancing and partying with lots of parking space. 


The Town's Flag.

The red part of the flag represents the people's sacrifice and efforts.  The green part represents a few things, one the leaves of our friends the trees, the wavy lines represents also the waves of the ocean  and our beautiful Lake Guajataca. 

The Town's Crest.

The fish with the cane is the insignia of San Rafael Arcangel the town's Patron.  The wavy white and green lines represent the streams, the ocean and the river Guajataca.  The tree represents the fruits of the land and the green vegetation.  The castle wall above the crest tells us that the crest below is a town's crest.


VIPs: Guillermo Venegas LLoveras
Manuel Román
Luis Germán Cajigas
Raymond Dalmau

Octavio Ferrer Delgado

Manuel Ramos Hernández
Vicenta Deliz
Luis M. Hernández Saavedra
Pedro Hernández

Events: 3 Kings day- January .( Velorio de Reyes - Enero )
Kites Festival-February  (Festival de Chiringas - Febrero)
Carnival of Guajataca- February  (Carnaval del Guajataca - Febrero)
Patron's Fiestas-October (Fiestas Patronales San Rafael Arcangel - Octubre)

Lugares De Interés: El Arca de Noé
El Merendero
La Cabeza del Indio
Lago Guajataca y Vista del Lago
Ruinas Puerto Hermina
Tunel Guajataca
Teatro Liberty

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